v002 Rutt Etra 2.0 released

Im very pleased to release the second version of the v002 Rutt Etra emulator for Quartz Composer. The new version sports some very nice new features that take advantage of the fact emulation is done using OpenGL, opening up some new aesthetic possibilities. 2.0 introduces new rendering modes (not just scan lines any more), much improved work flow and setup, support for Lighting, GLSL and Render in Image macro patches, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Included with the 2.0 are example Quartz Composer Compositions that demonstrate the gamut of new possibilities and walk users through the basics to advanced per pixel lighting, geometry displacement and texturing using GLSL, as well a VDMX qcFX.

2.0 is compatible with both Quartz Composer 4.0 and Mac OS X 10.6 (64 and 32 bit) as well as Quartz Composer 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5, Intel and PPC.

v002 Blurs 2.0: 10.6 / Quartz Composer 4.0 compatibility

I’ve just finished a new release of the v002 Blurs which fix some bugs, bring even more performance and importantly fix compatibility issues behind the scenes for Quartz Composer 4.0 which just shipped with Mac OS X 10.6.

Check out the blurs page to read about the updates and download 2.0. Stay tuned for more Quartz Composer 4.0 / 10.6 compatibility releases as I get to them.

Glitch Plugins updated, Optical Flow ported & released.

The Glitch plugins have been consolidated to a single plugin with multiple patches, and I have added a few new patches, Glitch File Reader – interpret any file as a movie and ‘play’ through it, Core Video GL Glitch – play through pools of pbuffers on your video card to visualize random GPU memory, FBO Glitch – play through pools of frame buffer objects on your video card, and specify the texture format for interpreting background GPU memory. These are all fun source plugins that generate bit-glitch and interesting patterns. Here is a fun example of it being used as a screen saver for your Mac:

v002 Optical Flow is also released, which is a port of Andrew Bensons GLSL based optical flow implementation for Jitter, which includes his distort based on optical flow values. I’ve also added a patch to the plugin set that allows for some bluring/smearing based on flow. Here is a nice example of using the Optical Flow on Particle Systems:

Blurs just got better…

Ive uploaded v002 Blurs 1.2, now packaged as a single easy to install plugin (no need to install 3 different plugins now).

Changes include much improved OpenGL resource usage ‘behind the scenes’ which speeds things up even more, fixes for proper handling of alpha channels within the blurs, and greatly improved algorithms for the Zoom and Motion blur. These two are much more usable now, and produce much nicer results than previous versions.

If you currently use the older blurs (1.1 or 1.0), you can remove all 3 v002 blur plugins and install the new ‘Blurs’ plugin. This will make sure you have the latest and greatest and do not accidentally use the older plugins.

Rutt Etra

Rutt Etra

Im very happy to be able to release our Rutt/Etra emulation plugin, as it has been a long time in the works. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work with Bill Etra to make this plugin as authentic to the as possible. Steve Rutt and Bill Etra originally began work on the Rutt Etra in 1972, and its look is still as modern and interesting as ever. Bill now lives in New York City, on disability.

If you find this plugin, or any other plugins here useful, please donate any amount you feel appropriate. The proceeds will go to helping Bill Etra continue to pursue his lifes work. Check out the Rutt Etra plugin page for the free download and more information from Bill.

Movie Player Beta 2 posted.


v002 Movie Player beta 2 has a few useful updates. Relative paths now work, as well as compatibility with the Directory Scanner patch. Fixed a bug/incompatibility with QTVisualContextTask() and the QC context image provider convenience methods – we now supply our own QCPluginOutputImageProvider class and handle drawing ourselves. This means eventually we can handle various aperture modes supported from within Quicktime/Core Video as well. Also added signal start/stop/reset, and normalized, non-normalized time outputs, as well as duration outputs. All in all a nice update.

Beta Movie player and Glitch plugins released…


Ive decided to release some beta plugins for folks to use and test.

First up is a new Movie Player plugin for Quartz Composer. This plugin attempts to give more control over the higher performance Asynchronous Mode of the built in movie player, but with more useful inputs and outputs available.

Next up are 3 new glitch plugins, that have to be played with to be appreciated. See the sidebar for links…

v002 Blurs 1.1 released, updated Screen Capture for VDMX 7.0

Ive updated the blurs to 1.1, and have removed some dithering / artifact-ing going on due to some implementation details of the FBO texture target type I was using.

Ive also bundled updated QC patches for VDMX effects for both the blurs, and the screen capture plugin, which should work with the new VDMX 7.0 public beta.

Here is a pretty good indication of what to expect quality wise with the Blurs 1.1. No speed differences that I have noticed.