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    Hi there I try to configure Virtual Dj 2021 with Mixemergency 3.3.2 but the Syphon add-on it doesn’t work for me. I try with Virtual Dj and Mixemergency Technical Support but anyone have an answer for me.

    The situation is this: I’m activate the Syphon Client on Virtual Dj, then load MixEmergency but when I try to route the Virtual Dj screens on Mixemergency, when I press right click to route the channels I don’t have the option to turn on them, I just have Mixemergency 1, Mixemergency 2 and Mixemergency Output, I don’t have Virtual Dj options on the list.

    Do you guys have any idea how I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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