All v002 plugins and source are licensed as Creative Commons, Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 3.0

We interpret the non commercial clause to apply only to the code, not to your creative uses of the plugin. So use it in performance, and get paid, just please do not include them in commercial software products, or use the source code in commercial products.

If you would like to use v002 features in a commercial application, or have questions about source code, please feel free to contact use at contact [at] v002 [dot] info.

6 comments on “Licenses

  1. I am just wondering how strict this creative commons license is. Would it be ok to use the plugins in theatre performances or concerts? And what about art installations? What are considered as commercial products?

  2. someone can help me to import a 3d object from 3ds max to qc ? i am trying to use voo2 model loader but the object lose the uv coordinates. when i export a .obj file i choose the uv export but the quartz composer don’t rerpect the original cooridnates.
    I work with 3ds max 2016 and the file is
    also don’t work if i want to import a 3ds file. what is the supported version to import?

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