v002 Movie Player (Beta 4)


v002 Movie Player is a replacement Quicktime movie player for Quartz Composer. It runs similar to Asynchronous mode in the built in movie player, but provides many more controls that Asynchronous movie mode does not have.

Because v002 Movie Player runs asynchronously, it does not respect external time bases.

v002 Movie Player is currently beta. Use at your own risk.

There is an issue with Beta 4 and some HD or larger movies. We are working on a fix. In the meantime, Beta 1 is still available.

Beta 1 of the MoviePlayer is still available for users of MacOS 10.5.

19 comments on “v002 Movie Player (Beta 4)

  1. thats an interesting idea. I should talk to Chris from Kineme and see how they did that. Im not familiar with the audio APIs, but it 100% should be possible. Hm.

  2. Thanks a lot for all your plugins. Very useful. Looking forward to the new version of this.

    Is there a way you could make you Movie Player also work with online videos like the normal Movie Loader. I would need to do an installation which loads online videos from archive.org based on a keyword. Your plugin would give me the ability to control the volume which isn’t possible with Apple’s patch.

    Audio panning would be useful too.

  3. This is exactly what I need.
    but ofcorse it doesnt work. Why?
    I put the plugin in the right folder, but QC doesnt see it…
    I tried rebuilding it, didnt help.

  4. I’m playing spherical movies at 4000×1500 for an iDome based exhibit.
    I tried beta2 … lovely although I didn’t find a way of quickly jumping to the start of the movie. Ran with a frame rate around 50-60 fps.
    So I tried beta4 … but now the frame rate is VERY irregular/slow?
    OSX 10.6.7, Mac Pro, RadeonX1900

  5. Great work! So much better than the original Movie Importer.

    I was wondering if you plan to support Quartz Composer Visualizer? Right now, playing back the video on more than one machine causes the client’s Visualizer to crash.

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