v002 Blurs 2.0.2


v002 Blurs are replacement gaussian, motion and zoom blurs, optimized for realtime use. They respect alpha channels and are drop in replacements for standard blurs

v002 Blurs are Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatible, are 32 and 64 bit clean, and are backwards compatible with 10.5 on Intel and Power PC Macs. This means they work anywhere you can use Quartz Composer technology, in VJ apps like VDMX, in the latest Quartz Composer Editor and anywhere else.

The v002 Blurs run significantly faster than the provided blurs from Apple, and consume less GPU resources when running. They use a 5 pass render to texture pipeline and down-sample early passes based on how much blur you apply. This means v002 Blurs run faster when you apply more blur, so you can be aggressive with your effects.



  • Fix compatibility with issue “Color Matrix” patch and friends
  • Fix color fidelity issues with Quartz Composer host applications rendering to output colorspaces other than GenericRGB/GenericRGBLinear
  • Fix potential incompatibility with host applications using Garbage Collection
  • Fix potential initialization issue
  • Fix potential dealloc issue
  • Remove unnecessary function calls.


  • Fix regression/bug with “Render In Image” Macro support.


  • Support for 10.6 Snow Leopard and Quartz Composer 4.0. 32 and 64 bit Intel
  • Backwards compatible with 10.5 and Quartz Composer 3.0, Intel & PPC
  • Improved performance of blurs, now using separable convolution kernels where possible
  • Fixed bugs with blur algorithm sometimes creating larger than necessary temporary images with certain settings
  • Improved ‘sensitivity’ of blurs at lower amount settings, giving a better usable range of blurring


  • Enhanced FBO resource usage.
  • Fixes for alpha channel support
  • Improved algorithms for Motion Blur and Zoom Blur


  • Updated blur FBO code to remove some dithering in output
  • Updated included QC patches to meet VDMX public Beta 7.0 spec


  • Initial release

8 comments on “v002 Blurs 2.0.2

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  2. hello vade
    i am so psyched about the 002 app!!!! i have been checking out your stuff for some time and am completely impressed (and often totally clueless) with your thoughtful explanations and ideas. i don’t know how i missed the fact that you are working on a standalone VJ app but i just found that out today. i am so excited about a possibly finally finding a way to work with QC that makes sense to me. i look forward to checking it out.
    i’m sure i will hear about it on CDM, but in case there is an email list about that, put me on it.
    regards from toronto

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  4. Hi!
    Could you explain a little more on how that blur works? I’m a novice programmer and would love to understand how you made something as simple as a windowed gaussian function faster!

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