v002 Glitch 2.2


v002 Glitch is a set of plugins that revolve around causing or emulating video glitches.

v002 Glitch consists of:

  • v002 Glitch File Reader
    Interpret arbitrary files as RGB or Greyscale “movie” data
  • v002 Glitch FBO
    Generate and animate through pools of frame buffer objects to generate bit-glitch on the GPU
  • v002 Glitch FBO Texture
    Re-interpret images with odd texture formats
  • v002 Glitch Core Video OpenGL
    Generate and animate through pools of Core Video OpenGL Buffers to generate bit-glitch on the GPU.
  • v002 Glitch 525
    Display faux video signal information normally outside of the raster ; color burst, h/v sync, timecode, flyback, closed captioning, etc
  • v002 Glitch Analog
    Emulates classic analog video interference, distortion and sync issues



  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes (no public release).


  • Mac OS X 10.6 / QC 4.0 compatibility release.

Beta 1.0:

  • Initial Release.

24 comments on “v002 Glitch 2.2

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  2. Vade, how do these work with things that one has setup using the old set of glitch plugins? Can I keep both around (the old and new), or if I get rid of the old plugins and open up old qtz’s with this, will/should it break connections?

  3. The key for the old FBO, now pulls up the new FBO, which is minus the image input… breaking compositions. If would have been nice for the key to remain the same, b/c what you have as the new “FBO Glitch” has no image input and is just a generator. I understand why you eventually went with the “texture” name for the one patch b/c it has the image input- that makes sense. However, it seems like something different could have done with the key names to keep compositions from breaking.

    Just a thought for some time in the future!

  4. I just switched to a new unibody MPB and was running v002 Glitch Analog in VDMX b0.740 on OSX 10.6.2 and had some flickering going on (it worked perfectly on my old MBP running OSX 10.5.8). Have you noticed this and is there something I can do about it? I can not think of NOT using your v002 Glitch Analog plugin. Conceptually it’s kind of funny I’m getting glitches in the glitch plugin, like what am I complaining about?!…

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  7. I’ve been experiencing hangs in VDMX when removing the FBO plugin from a layer, sent a report to ray, have you or anyone else seen this? I can hang it everytime, leave it on for a bit with the random button on, then switch to another fx…

  8. Hi Vade,
    thanks for the awesome plugins! i’m having a difficult time properly loading the glitch files (and others) into QC4. Whenever I do try to load the compositions they pop up an error message saying some parameters are missing, etc. any thoughts on this problem?

  9. i can’t seem to get a few of the plugs to work in quartz. namely the File Reader, the 2 FBO plugs and the Core Video OpenGL. i scanned around for example compositions and came up short, and there seems to be fairly limited resources for QC around. i’m running leopard on a 2ghz intel macbook, are these plugs only for 10.6? or possibly do they require some of the kineme plugs to be installed?

  10. I couldn’t get the plugin to work. The preview video just goes black in VDMX. I installed according to directions. Wondering if there is something I am missing. Could it be that I am using the Trial version of VDMX?
    Help would be appreciated! I really want to play with live video glitching!

  11. Hi

    Can you please help me to get v002 glitch plug-in installed and working in VDMX

    1. Where do I install the plug-in
    2. How do I get it to work in VDMX

    Sorry to sound stupid but I have tried it, I have dropped it onto my layer FX and all I get is a black screen

    It frustrating me!! As it looks such a great plug-in!!

    Kind regards


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  14. Hi all,

    I am also getting a black screen in VDMX when I apply the plugins. Followed the ReadMe to the letter, plugins show up in my Video effect panel, but all I get is a blank screen. If I drop the wet/dry parameter, the image fades in, but not trace of the effect is not applied. Same for all the Glitch effects supplied.

    I’m running a 17″ MBP 2.8 Core 2 Duo, Snow Leopard and VDMX 7.5.8

    Any ideas would be much appreciated as I’m quite exited about these plugins.

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