v002 Optical Flow 2.0.2


v002 Optical Flow is port of Andrew Bensons HS Flow implementation on the GPU.

Optical Flow allows realtime analysis of the motion within a series of frames of video. This determines the movement and direction vectors of pixels over time. Using optical flow allows you to use video as a ‘data source’ for image effects, allowing you to distort, displace, or blur images or video frames based motion in other video frames.

v002 Optical Flow consists of:

  • v002 Optical Flow
    GPU based Horn-Schunke Optical Flow Implementation – ported with permission from Andrew Benson
  • v002 Glitch Optical Flow Distort
    Image Distort via Optical Flow input – ported with permission from Andrew Benson
  • v002 Glitch Optical Flow Blur
    Image Bluring via Optical Flow input



  • Fix compatibility with issue “Color Matrix” patch and friends
  • Fix color fidelity issues with Quartz Composer host applications rendering to output colorspaces other than GenericRGB/GenericRGBLinear
  • Fix potential incompatibility with host applications using Garbage Collection
  • Fix potential initialization issue
  • Fix potential dealloc issue
  • Remove unnecessary function calls.


  • Fix regression/bug with “Render In Image” Macro support.


  • Support for 10.6 Snow Leopard and Quartz Composer 4.0. 32 and 64 bit Intel
  • Backwards compatible with 10.5 and Quartz Composer 3.0, Intel & PPC

16 comments on “v002 Optical Flow 2.0.2

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  2. Ooh, you are getting fancy with dmg’s and aliases and everything :o) Awesome, great work, and I love your new install setup, it looks slick. Best regards, as always…

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  5. Hi Vade,
    Thanks a lot for sharing these great effects!
    I’ve download v002 Optical Flow, and try to put it to VDMX as an effect but seems invalid.
    i am using a 10.6 Snow Leopard/ Quartz 4.0, any advise if you please?

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